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536 Viking Drive
Virginia Beach, Virginia n/a
Although the ideal remains unchanged, the tools of the STIHL craftsman have transformed dramatically.

Controlled machines craft intricate components with speed and dexterity the artisan never imagined. And lasers examine production quality with far greater precision.

Craftsmanship was a state of mind among STIHL employees in the past. It remains true today.

STIHL Incorporated has qualified for ISO 9001 and 14001 Registration. This means that STIHL Incorporated meets the rigid manufacturing and quality standards set by the International Standards Organization. Periodic audits by independent auditors ensure that the guidelines are being met. Meeting these standards enables STIHL Incorporated to ship the highest quality products, manufactured in its Virginia Beach plant, to customers throughout the world.

STIHL is committed to designing and building high quality and innovative products. We are committed to our employees and to the future of the power equipment industry.
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