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LMD Editorial on Homelite 08/09/2004

Homelite - once the undisputed King of the chainsaw market - was divested from John Deere in 2002. Today, two years later, their current website lists no physical company address at all and their Press Release page is blank.

That's a bad sign. It speaks of irresponsible management at least.

Consumers and dealerships are left in an informational black hole without any viable means to inquire about, let alone repair, the Homelite equipment they purchased or sold in good faith.

It's almost remeniscent of Yazoo/Kees - another company that fell off the face of the planet for about 16 months after being absorbed by Electolux.

But Yazoo/Kees is back in swing (granted after a long hiatus). Whatever is happening at Homelite, however, is certainly not positive from our perspective and probably not good for consumers at all.

The skeleton presentation of new equipment and parts they do make available from their web site is totally feeble for an ex-industry giant.

Unless they do something soon to resurrect their products, service and image from the ashes, they're doomed to history forever.

Be your own judge.
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