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About Lawn Mower Dealers Net
The largest nationwide lawn mower and outdoor power equipment guide to dealers, manufacturers, services, parts and repair.

ConsumersLMD is a consumer resource
Since our launch in 1999, Lawn Mower Dealers Net is the largest independent directory of outdoor equipment manufacturers, distributors, dealerships, repair shops, parts houses and rental locations in North America.

Our sole purpose is to connect consumers seeking outdoor equipment with businesses that can supply them. We list all types of outdoor equipment, from yard and garden hand tools to heavy duty commercial/industrial machines and implements.

Listing your business
Business listings are completely free for dealers and shops. Participating owners can control the content of their pages from any location. As a result, we can supply consumers with the most current information available while businesses can increase their visibility and sales dramatically.

With over 26,000 business pages, 400 state/province directory pages, 1,638 alphabetical city pages and 70+ manufacturers pages, Lawn Mower Dealers Net is not only the largest but also the most popular destination for outdoor equipment on the Web.

Because we are not limited to a single brand or local business, the sheer volume and quality content on LMD surpasses even the most popular manufacturers.

Technology and Features
Some of our site technology and features include:
- Dynamic, individual page titles for each business/company (to optimize your business in the search engines).
- E-mail protection against spam harvesting robots.
- Encrypted (daily) password protection.
- Simple, straight-forward page editing.
- Ultra-fast, reliable page delivery (to insure that your business gets seen!).
- A variety of flexible advertising and promotional options.
- Tracking and logging statistics.
- New LMD Consumer Polls that serve to measure the general opinion about listed manufacturers.

We encourage you to inquire
If you're involved with outdoor equipment (manufacturing, distributing, sales, repairs, parts or rentals) and wish to participate with Lawn Mower Dealers Net, please contact us for details.

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