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Most of the greatest inventions of our time seem simple when we look at them today. Consider the light bulb. We forget how revolutionary it was when invented by Edison in his Michigan labs. Light bulbs are simple. We take them for granted. The same can be said for articulating rotary mowers in the turf industry.

Today every major turf manufacturer offers a wide area rotary mower that has articulating decks. They are commonplace and have become the standard of excellence in rotary mowing. It wasn't always that way.

What many people don't realize is that Lastec introduced articulation in the turf industry just over a decade ago. It was revolutionary when introduced in 1990. There were no options available to deliver a wide area cut with the quality of a small push mower. Most wide area rotary mowers had fixed pans with multiple blades under them. If you had mounds and contoured ground, tough. If you didn't want to scalp your grass you had to buy narrow machines and hire armies of laborers to cut them. In the early 90s, rotary mowers wider than 72\ rarely found their way to a golf course or high-end turf application. Back then, even 72\ decks didn't articulate. No company offered cut quality and productivity in the same machine. Go wide and destroy your turf. Go narrow and go broke from high labor costs.

Lastec changed all of that with the introduction of the first Articulator. The Model 721 Articulator was introduced in 1990. It was a 120\ wide belt driven rotary with seven 21\ decks that were powered by a tractor PTO.

The original 721 was crude by today's standards but became the first of a line a machines that has dominated high-end rotaries for the last decade. Today's 721XR is the benchmark of quality used by more of the world's finest championship golf courses than any other rotary mower. In addition to the Model 721XR Articulator, Lastec produces articulating decks that replace the fixed pans of most brands of out-front rotaries, and it also sells a complete line of high-end zero turning radius mowers. The newest offering of is a complete line of articulating commercial mowers.
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