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Youíve found a company that understands itís not about the paint job, having a famous ďbrand name,Ē or the latest gimmick. Itís about time. Your time.

Thatís why we invented a line-up of machines to make the most of it. (Thatís right, invented - not just copied from somebody else.) Like the stand-on Super Surfer, thatís faster mowing and quicker loading and unloading. The one-of-a-kind Gateway walk-behind, with a flip-up deck to let it squeeze into backyards and onto trailers. And the Scamper, with unique easy-to-use wrap-around loop controls. (Even the Chariot, which may look like other Mid Zís, is actually one of the few in the industry that meets rigorous ANSI safety standards.)

So, if youíve been searching for equipment like this, that can work twelve hours a day, seven days a week - and never waste a millisecond - itís time you tried a Great Dane.
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